Frequently Asked Questions

Data privacy is important for our users, what data does your SDK collect?
The SDK has two privacy modes, the default and starting mode for all users operates with total anonymity, and continues to do so for the length of a users engagement with the Kindred service unless they specifically choose otherwise. In this anonymous and default mode, we create random ID’s for each SDK user, so we don’t process or collect any personally identifiable data and we never know who your users are. We use a combination of random tokens and ID’s to track purchases.

The second mode is where a user actively chooses to allow us to track more information using a secondary opt-in and a TCF 2.2 compliant opt in form displayed to a user, where they can manage their own privacy settings and preferences. In this second mode we track additional data including; 3rd party ID's, IP address, hashed email, key search terms and websites visited on our published whitelist, and assign to the user. This allows Kindred to use these ID's to work closer with our advertisers and provide insights and audience curation services. In return our users get additional benefits such as exclusive discounts for providing permission.

Does the user need to start their shopping journey in a mobile app?

No - we have gone to great lengths to ensure your core app functionaility goes unchanged, and there is limited UX/UI changes required. Once the feature is enabled once, it will work everytime the user opens up the browser on their phone and starts shopping. This reflects the natural user shopping behaviour, helping increase adoption.

How many deals are there?
We have partnered with 100,000+ merchants in 150+ countries. Our extensive coverage means there is usually a saving on the brand your users are looking for. We are always growing, adding new merchants every month.

How many charities are there?

We currently work with 22,000 charities globally, enabling users to support a charity with every purchase. We then take care of the donation out of the commission paid by advertisers on each purchase.

How do you (publishing partners) get paid?

Kindred provides an API showing you the amount your users have earned in real time. If this is being converted into in app credit, in-game currency, or coming off their bill, we then provide a statement and payment. Your commission on every purchase is provided in a separate regular report and paid out quarterly. If the user is withdrawing their saving as cash, we can take care of that automatically using a hosted wallet.

What about the latest Android and iOS privacy requirements?
We conform to all iOS and Android developer requirements, with multiple versions approved by both app stores. Importantly, the SDK requires no cross-app tracking to work, and so we do not require the cross app opt in by users.

Key Terms:

The Kindred SDK - The SDK (software development kit) licensed under this agreement is a browser extension, and/or API's and/or add-on functionality which surfaces results from Kindred's database of advertisers offers (discount codes or similar benefits), connects end users with those advertisers offers as they shop on their mobile devices. In addition Kindred's service enables users to allocate a portion of the advertisers commission to charities and ESG initiatives automatically.


Commission - Kindred will pay to Licensee 25% of Kindred’s net revenue from the advertiser, for each activated and completed end-user transaction. Paid quarterly based on approved invoices and statements.

How is the commission calculated –

The Commission is payable on the net revenue paid to Kindred for each completed and validated transaction between the End User and the merchant activated through the Implemented App. The merchant's commission is determined by the agreement in place between Kindred and the relevant merchant or aggregator.
Kindred shall provide quarterly statements to the Licensee.


Data generated and processed:
The Licensed Technology generates unique tokenised IDs each time an End User navigates to and selects a merchant offer surfaced by the Kindred SDK. Kindred processes such IDs together with limited transaction data (for example; basket amount, merchant's commission amount, time of transaction, advertisers referral URL) for the purpose of matching and authenticating transaction data from the advertiser and working with advertisers on services, crediting discounted amounts to End Users and their chosen charities, accounting for the Commission and crediting it to the Licensee.

Data excluded from processing:

Kindred does not collect or process End User's card details or any other personal data of (or capable of identifying) the End User. The Licensee does not need to transfer any personal data of its End Users to Kindred in order to operate the Licensed Technology and make use of the Settlement Service and shall not transfer any such personal data to Kindred.

How Data will be used:
End User transaction data generated and collected by the Licensed Technology and Settlement Service will only be used by Kindred to operate and improve the Licensed Technology and Settlement Service and work with advertisers on audience curation services.

Data Available to Licence:
Kindred shall provide aggregated data relating to Licensee's End User transactions to the Licensee on request.

Information Security:
Kindred operates an information security management system (ISMS) aligned with the international standard ISO 27001: a best-practice approach to information security addressing people, processes and technology. Kindred is certified under ISO 27001 and will carry out periodic audits at its cost (both internally and with external auditors). Kindred shall provide copies of such audits and its certification status to the Licensee on request.

Penetration Testing:
Kindred shall conduct annual penetration tests.

Licensee's audit rights:
Kindred shall grant to Licensee (including to Licensee's auditors) access to its systems, personnel and records during normal business hours as reasonably required to verify Kindred's statements used to calculate the Commission payable, or to enable Licensee to fulfil any formal request by a regulator. Licensee shall provide at least 10 business days' notice prior to an audit.

Audit Costs: The party undertaking an audit shall bear the cost of it.

Advertiser Commissions:
All Advertiser discounts, special offers or commissions (“commissions”) made available to End Users are determined by the advertiser. Kindred will distribute the commission to End Users (and where relevant to their chosen charities and to the Licensee) based on the amount received from the advertiser. The amount of commission the advertiser decides to pay per transaction is outside of Kindred’s control. The advertisers decision is final in relation to commission amounts distributable by Kindred on any transaction.

End User Terms:

User terms of use:
Licensee shall be responsible for providing to its End Users the necessary terms of use, legal notices and opt-in procedures as required by law to inform End Users of their rights and obligations with regard to relevant functionality of the Licensed Technology as embedded in the Implemented App.

Terms that must be included:

In addition to the general obligation above, Licensee is recommended to include provisions in its End User terms and privacy policy substantially similar to the following provisions. "You" refers to the End User. Other definitions are used in accordance with this agreement and can be adapted by Licensee as required.


The [Insert App name] has a feature that acts as a platform to connect You to advertisers and special offers provided by those advertisers. You will enter into a direct relationship with the advertiser in relation to any purchase you choose to make, and any matter relating to the fulfilment, payment, returns and refunds is a matter between you and the advertiser.


Discounts, cash-back earnings and special offers ("Cashback") which You may access as the result of signing up to features in [Insert app name] are determined by the relevant advertisers and the amounts are therefore outside of the control of Licensee and its technology partners. The advertisers decision is final in relation to the amount of Cashback distributable to You on any transactions. If you choose to donate between 1%-100% of the discount to a charity of your choice the remainder will be credited to you as described below.


The [Insert app name] connects you with merchants through our trusted technology and transaction processing partner Kindred Soul Ltd (“Kindred”) . Kindred provides the technology that enables you to receive your discounts from advertisers and to allocate a portion of it to your chosen charity.

By using the [Insert App name], You are instructing [Licensee] and, indirectly, Kindred to collect commission due from validated transactions from the advertiser. [Note for Licensee: if the credit is used to reduce the user’s next bill, converted into game currency or similar, then this paragraph should be adapted to reflect this to make it clear that the user is not receiving it in cash form]


Kindred does not hold funds on your behalf. The Cashback assigned to your transaction (excluding the amount you have allocated for donation to a charity) will be the property of Kindred Soul Ltd until a withdrawal request has been made by You or on Your behalf by [insert app name]. Legal title to your portion of the Cashback will pass to You once it has been successfully withdrawn from Kindred and credited to you.